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Broken Car Keys Reading | Auto Locksmith Reading

Broken Car Keys Reading | Auto Locksmith Reading

Sometimes, owning a car becomes more difficult than you expect. You can easily get stuck in the situations like not being able to open the locks of our car perhaps because you broke your car keys. The good news is that you no longer need to worry about broken keys. At Auto Locksmith Reading, we have been helping our customers

Have you ever realized that some car manufacturers issue key number and immobilizer security codes? For someone who understands car locks and ignition systems like our professional locksmiths, replacing such keys is easy. Therefore, the moment you realize that your car keys are broken, simply contact us.

Why us?

You don’t have to replace your ignition
Even when your car key breaks and leaves some pieces inside the lock, you don’t have to replace the car’s ignition cylinder. This because Auto Locksmith Reading has experts who will extract the broken key from the lock without causing any damage to the lock. However, keep in mind that how safe the broken piece will be extract depends on how far the broken piece are within the lock. If the piece is somewhere where it can be easily extracted, then, our locksmith with extract it and you don’t have replace the ignition.

However, if a lot of force was applied at the moment the key broke, the chances are that the ignition cylinder suffered some damage. This will force you to replace the ignition cylinder. Note that our auto locksmiths will advise you when it’s necessary to replace the ignition cinder.

We take a few minutes to extract a broken key and replace it
Extracting broken piece of key from car lock sounds difficult than it’s actually is. With professional locksmiths like ones who will serve you at our company, it takes less than half an hour to extract a broken key from car lock. However, keep in mind that this duration varies depending on whether the key broke while inside the car door lock or in the ignition.

Our experts will analyse the possible damage done to the lock or the ignition. Then, they will determine the right key extraction process to adopt. This ensures that they extract the key safely to avoid instances of having to replace the car ignition cylinder or lock unnecessarily.

We will cut an efficient replacement key
If you broke your car key, you need a replacement key. After extracting the key, it’s most likely to be broken. You may think of ‘hot wiring’ your car, but that’s not a great idea. Instead, be a little bit patient and our experts will cut a new key for you. If your car uses a transponder key, the newly cut key will be programmed on the spot.

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