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Auto Locksmith Calcot

Auto Locksmith Calcot

Getting locked out of your own car is one of the most stressful experiences. However, it’s advisable to stay calm because harsh and improper methods of accessing the vehicle’s interior can harm it. So, you don’t have to use metallic rods or metallic wires to open the car. At Auto Locksmith Reading, we have a vast array of tools and equipment for opening your vehicle safely. Therefore, if your transponder car key has malfunctioned, broke or got lost, just call us.

Here is why you should consider calling us whenever you have car key issues.

Effective transponder key programming
Since late 1990s, transponder chips have been increasingly integrated into vehicle keys. This primary aim of this integration was to enhance the security of the car. With the transponder chip installed in aplastic cover, it could send a message to the car that the key is more legitimate. This has reduced the instances of car theft especially if the thief intended to make a copy of your car keys.

If a transponder key malfunctions or it’s not well-programmed or the transponder doesn’t exist, the car won’t get the right message and won’t start. This is where we come in. Our professional auto locksmiths will first analyse the problem and determine the right course of action. If the key needs to be replaced, they will cut a new key and program it immediately. In case they realize that it’s a missing transponder, they will install and get your vehicle back to the road within the shortest time possible.

Whenever you have any issue with your transponder keys, just call us. Our experts knows what to do to make your car start again.

Fast and efficient car key replacement services
Key replacement is necessary especially when your car keys are damaged, broken, you can’t simply fin them. Our auto locksmiths don’t even need a copy of your previous car keys to cut new keys for your vehicle. They will first check the type of the car, examine the lock and the ignition system, and then cut perfect keys for you.

Don’t forget that key fob was once the pinnacle of luxurious cars. With such a device, you don’t have to engage all locks in your vehicle manually for you to either lock or unlock it. If you have fob keys, and they have malfunctioned or got lost, we can still replace them. With the robust technology and auto locksmith tools and equipment we use, you can be assured of effective fob key replacement services.

Safe extraction of keys from car locks
The last thing you want is any damage to your car’s ignition or lock system. For this reason, you need an expert who can safely extract the broken pieces of keys from the car’s ignition or lock without causing further damage. We can do this and even replace the broken key at a low cost.

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